In one month my mom will have been dead for one year. My mom told me that she would only speak to me after life when I was in stillness and lived in Being instead of doing. I committed to this Grace with appreciation and relief. When I go to a special tree that has become my mom for me she talks to me clearly and with wisdom:
      “Be kind to yourself, Diane, be gentle. Enjoy your life. Don’t wait for death to know you’re a complete person. Everyone has a sense there is a hole in them, that something is missing. No matter how much one accomplishes how many trophies or degrees you acquire, how many races you run or relationships have. Nothing outside yourself nor any other person can fill that hole. Because unconditional love is found from the inside out. Health in found from the inside out. Diane, those of us in death want all of you in life to see your own incredibleness now in life. The deaths you experience in life will prepare you for death. Stop apologizing for being human! Be messy as you are!"


       "I love you. Do you see me Diane?? I’m here. I’m everywhere and I will continue to share unconditional love with you. I am free. You are free. Your life is a prayer. Death is still. Death is free. Death is in you and death is in me.”